The Madeleines Vocal Trio

The Madeleines vocal trio is perfect for any event requiring uplifting and glamorous entertainment. They offer vintage Jazz and old school glamour. Ideal for high end functions, weddings and corporate events.

Auckland, New Zealand

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The Madeleines Vocal Trio is an internationally acclaimed vocal trio, specialising in the realms of jazz, swing, and glamorous allure. The ensemble consists of Shannon Evison, Hannah Heke-Kee, and Jess Rogers, whose distinct vocal talents meld seamlessly to form The Madeleines’ unique identity.

Adorned with refined harmonies, polished choreography, and exquisite attire, these artists effortlessly transport audiences to a bygone era characterized by its vintage charm.

The journey of The Madeleines encompasses frequent tours throughout New Zealand, along with captivating performances on international cruise ships. Their versatile appeal makes them an impeccable choice for any occasion seeking an infusion of uplifting and sophisticated entertainment.

Whether your event calls for sophisticated cocktail ambiance or a lively dance floor, we recognize the individuality of each gathering and are thrilled to curate an unforgettable evening for you. Here is a small selection of what they can offer:

The Classic

Embark on a journey to the gilded age as The Madeleines serenade you with a curated selection of cherished jazz and swing melodies. Elevate the atmosphere of your event with an elegant and joyful ambiance.

Party Time

Ignite the celebration! This dynamic package features choreographed performances, seamless harmonies, engaging interactions with the audience, and a myriad of exquisite outfits. It is sure to get your guests singing and dancing along, transforming the occasion into an unforgettable party.

Old Hollywood Cabaret

Experience The Madeleines exclusive Old Hollywood Cabaret Show, an embodiment of glitz, glamour, and melodies reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden era. This scripted performance seamlessly suits both corporate events and theatrical settings, making it an ideal highlight for a sumptuous three-course dinner.


The Madeleines deliver two sets, each lasting 45 minutes, over a span of two hours. They will sweep you into a world defined by the elegance of jazz, swing, and Rock’n’Roll, and create an atmosphere that is both elegantly refined and joyously uplifting. The Madeleines are your ultimate catalysts for a sensational party!

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"The Madeleines are outstanding. One of the best live acts in Auckland. Literally sounds like you’re listening to a record they are that fantastic."
Katherine, Manager, Artworks Theatre
"Truly we cannot thank The Madeleines enough- we loved having you as part of our special day. You are so, so talented."
Matty Mclean, TV Presenter
"The Madeleines are a high energy, classy, dynamic and a highly entertaining show. These ladies really came to the party- actually they made the party!"
Cathy Horton, Events Manager, The Northern Club

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