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Visually stunning stilt dancers for corporate events, outdoor events, shopping malls, carnival events, Chinese New Year celebrations

Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

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An international performance company that has performed in over 15 different countries and employs more than 30 performers worldwide.

With home in Sydney, Australia  and a branch in  Melbourne Stiltdance performs unique, feminine and colourful acts with spectacular costumes at more than 150 events per year.

The team includes a wide range of circus professionals including dancers, theatre makers, costumiers, acrobats, aerial artists and visual artists.

All together they combine their experience to give their acts a unique quality as well as a family appeal. They continue to delight audiences and clients with their magical, elegant, colourful acts and professional approach.

They have a wide range of roving acts as well as aerial for indoors and outdoors.

Previous Events and Clients:

  • Roskilde Festival. Denmark.
  • Edinburgh Festival. UK.
  • The Venetian Carnival, Venice.
  • The Love Parade, Berlin.
  • Climate Change Congress, Den Haag.
  • Genclik Youth Conference, Ankara.
  • Dance Valley. Netherlands.
  • Inner City, Eilat. Israel.
  • The TMF Awards, Antwerp.
  • Daidogei World Cup, Shizuoka.
  • Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury. UK.
  • Notting Hill Carnival, London. UK.
  • Hang Zhou Euro Street Opening, Shangai.
  • Wearable Art Awards, Wellington. NZ
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations, Hong Kong.
  • Sky City Casino, Auckland.
  • 7’s Rugby Opening Ceremony, Wellington.
  • West Coast Plaza, Singapore.
  • Cuba Street Carnival, Wellington. MZ
  • MassMutual Awards, Hong Kong.
  • HOOPLA Festival, Sydney… to name a few


Requirements for the Stilt Walkers at events

Our stilt walkers are easy to work with and adaptable to a great range of environments.

They can walk comfortably in crowds, indoors and out, can squeeze through doorways (when needed), navigate a wide range of surfaces and can tough it out in most weather.

However, there are some situations they cannot cope with, and for safety’s sake, will need to pull back on performing if faced with.

Rain and gale force winds:

The performers cannot perform in rain or gale force winds. They will be at the event (unless cancelled) and wait to be rescheduled (by negotiation) on the day of performance.

Height Restrictions:

Each of the stilt characters measures approx 3.5 – 5 meters in total height (depending on the costume). Please take this into account when booking and check the height of your ceiling after lights, decor and other rigging is hung.

Performance Area:

When presenting walkabout acts the Stilt Dancers need enough room to move comfortably between people and a large flat area to walk in.

Surface requirements:

The Stilt Dancers cannot perform on wet, slippery, muddy or deep sandy surfaces. Any sign of liquid on a glossy surface is extremely hazardous to stilt walkers. Please also inform the performers if there will be confetti or smoke machines in operation near the performance area as these can be disorientating and potentially hazardous.


The Stiltdancers cannot walk up or down long flights of steps. Please make sure that the pathway between backstage and performance does not involve steps and that they can avoid steps in the performance zone.

Stilt Up:

The Stilts they work with are 1m in height or higher. To get their stilts on they need to sit somewhere higher than a table. Often a chair on a table, a car roof or a packing crate will do the trick. If there is nothing around you can help by providing a large box or a chair and non-wobbly table.

Dressing Rooms:

A dressing room must be supplied as close to the performance area as possible. Whilst this room does not have to be high, it must be private and have good access to performance site. The change room also need access to toilets and must be secure at all times.

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