Allison Mooney

Professional speaker on Customer Service, Motivation/Inspiration, Sales and Teambuilding

Auckland, New Zealand.

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“I’ve found my keys, now where is my car!”

An international corporate speaker and presenter of vast experience, Allison first came to notice for outstanding customer service as Manager of Ansett Golden Wing (Auckland), where her benchmark legendary customer service record came to be immortalised in the “I can’t – I’ve split my trousers!” advertisement which was part of a group of TV commercials which are based on true life service experience.

Allison is a leading authority on Personality Plus – a dynamic profiling system. Allison uses this program to build teamwork, customer service, and selling skills. A recent exciting innovation is the development of a higher level of Personality Plus entitled “Personalities in Staff Motivation”.

During her 12 year sojourn with the both Ansett and Managing Qantas’s First Class Lounge, Allison found herself in constant demand to share with others her gift at relating to people skills, and soon began fronting seminars on this subject matter.

The business oriented audiences include:

  • Occupational Health N.Z. Diary Board
  • C.E.O.’s and Executives Conference,
  • Shiseido Sales and Marketing,
  • Sales With A Purpose International Conference,
  • Carter Holt Harvey
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Drake International
  • House of Travel
  • Housing New Zealand Corporation
  • Toyota
  • Air New Zealand Link
  • Polynesian Airlines
  • Qantas Airways Reservations Sales
  • Lufthansa Airlines,
  • L’Oreal Professional
  • Westfield Executives
  • The Corrections Department
  • Inland Revenue Department
  • amongst many others high profile Companies.


Allison has also done work in the Educational field, inspiring and motivating teenagers.

Her most sought after presentation deals with understanding people and effectively communicating with them. Allison is self employed, a trainer for Personality Plus  having completed certification in USA.

She also fronted a very high rated TV program “Treasure Island” where she was required to use her skill in analysing the 10 contestants.

Another Real TV program called Pioneer House Allison was involved in the choosing of the family.

Understanding the personalities of people has been the key to her career success, staff management, dealing with demanding discerning customers, and not forgetting relationships with her friends, her children, and even her spouse!!

Allison’s own presentation style makes for a fun and entertaining program, and importantly, the uncomplicated content generates greater retention and application.

She is an Accredited Professional Speaker of National Speakers Association of New Zealand.


  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Sales Keynote
  • Team building
  • Customer Service
"Allison’s presentation was captivating and engaging. The structure was clear, with appropriate opening and summary segments. In fact her wrap up, utilised an example from her business experience, that was one of the best I have ever heard in terms of cementing all the points she wished to convey and leaving the audience on a high note."
Diana Parry, Marketing Manager, Chamber of Commerce Auckland
"Allison was passionate about her subject and held everyone’s attention. We would class her as an excellent speaker with the ability to communicate clearly and enthusiastically."
John Widdup, Director, Westfield NZ
"I have yet to experience a speaker with the same sincerity, empathy and humour as Allison. With her knowledge and experience of individual personality types, Allie has taken customer service and the understanding of business and personal relationships to a whole new level, which is unsurpassed by any other presenter in this country."
Rebecca Matthews, Managing Director, Women in Business NZ Ltd
"The work by Allison and the Personality Profiling has taken hold and we are now planning to use the material in future team meetings, so the good work continues. More importantly perhaps, those with staff are taking into consideration the preferred feedback mechanism as part of their mentoring and management approaches. It was a challenging informative and fun experience"
Lori Grantham, Telstra New Zealand

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