Martin Devlin

Sporting Personality. Professional speaker in Motivation/Inspiration and Teambuilding.

Auckland, New Zealand.

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Martin Devlin is one of New Zealand’s leading sports broadcasters and columnists.

Martin is a radio veteran and current Sports Broadcaster of the Year. He has won the coveted title six times and took the trophy in 2011 for his work with respected sport journalist/author, John Matheson on Radio Live.

Martin has  a long association with TV One, appearing on the popular show Game of Two Halves with Marc Ellis, Mathew Ridge and Mike King. He has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2008 and achieved his goal of not being voted off first. He did an adequate Waltz, an OK Tango, an appalling Rumba before he thanked the ref and waved to the crowd when he was voted off at the end of episode three.

Despite being a luddite he manages to blog about sport several times a week for TVNZ as well as writing regular columns for The Truth and Rugby World Magazine.

His career spans over 25 years and he is proud and honoured that he has brought listeners so many memorable and significant sporting moments.

It may come as a surprise to learn that the most memorable radio moment for him personally had nothing to do with sport. It came during an interview with David Lange’s brother, Peter on Radio Live in 2005 when Martin was humbled to discover the former Prime Minister used to listen to his show.

“I used to sit with David quite a few nights right through the night. Come 6 o’clock in the morning, the hospital would start to wake up a bit and David’s first request was for the radio, ‘Could I listen to Martin Devlin?’ That was his first request every morning”.
Peter Lange, August 2005.

"Martin's performance was above expectation. He had a good mix of humour and "real" world stuff."
—NZ Credit & Finance Institute Inc
"Martin had a good mix of funny and informative. He kept the flow of the evening going"
.—Ogilvy Public Relations New Zealand
"Martin provided the backbone to the awards, really holding everything together. This was the first time we dramatically changed the format so it was always to be a positive change but with Martin's perfect mix of humour and professionalism, everyone really enjoyed what he had to say, and he kept all engaged from the outset"
—Sport Manawatu

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