Cath Vincent | Business Motivation Speaker

Keynote business and motivational speaker and trainer. Available for staff training, conferences, team events and corporate events

Auckland New Zealand.

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Cath Vincent will help you “Wake up your WOW” to unleash your potential and take charge of your life! 

Cath  is a highly sought after speaker, mentor and coach, who has spent the last 20 years perfecting a magical technique for unleashing potential in others called “Wake up your WOW!” 

Cath has an uncanny ability to see the possibility in her clients, and then help them to discover how to harness this possibility and turn it into reality.

Most people have great intentions and desire to improve all areas of their personal and working lives, but after brief bursts of motivation, they tend to fall back into the same destructive, unproductive cycles.

When Cath steps into this picture, she enables her clients to make real, lasting changes that don’t just see them change for a few hours or a few weeks, but give them the power they need to make changes for life.

With a background in IT, sales, media and business consulting, Cath is a highly motivACTIONal speaker , coach and mentor who practices what she preaches and is a living example of what happens when you Wake up your WOW.   In Sept 2013 she was awarded the prestigious National Speakers Assoc of NZ 2013 BrightStar Award.

When Cath speaks, audiences don’t just listen, they take action and learn to take charge of their lives, through micro changes, re-programming their neural pathways, and changing their belief systems.

An hour spent with Cath makes a lasting impact on lives and produces results in the business and personal world that are astounding – this is why organisations across Australasia such as Chevron and Main Roads call on Cath to speak to their staff and get results that last beyond the “sugar-rush” of a quick fix motivational speech.


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