Emilie Harwood

Solo singer for gala dinners, private parties, wedding receptions, festivals, outdoor events award nights, birthday parties and corporate events.

Auckland, New Zealand.

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Talented with a wide range of vocal skill, Emilie sings different music genres with heart. Rock, pop, gospel, jazz and blues are no stranger to her vocal ability. Singing in various locations in Auckland City, Emilie continues to spread her sweet, strong, melodic voice. Her talent comes from years of hard work as she sings to inspire and entertain the masses. Emile’s passion for singing began at the age of 11 years and her passion for music continues to stay strong.

As a singer Emilie has pursued many avenues, she joined forces with Yoshin Naidoo to form “The Duet.” These two released their self-titled album in December 2012. The style of music is R&B/Soul with thought provoking rap, and sweet sweet melody. The songs for the album were written by, Chris Harwood, duo member Yoshin Naidoo and Emilie herself. She also spent time with Hipstamatics a Soul Funk covers band.

At age sixteen she competed in NZ Idol and got into the top 18. While involved in this televised competition Emilie gained valuable performance skills and a glimpse of what it was like to be in front of a film crew and the media. These skills have helped Emilie improve her performance and presence when singing in front of a large crowd. At eighteen she entered onto New Zealand’s “Stars In Their Eyes” in which Emilie performed as her idol, Celine Dion.

These days she can be found singing at weddings, corporate functions, Bars and Restaurants. And without as much as a grumble from her many clients, you can be sure she’ll keep the masses entertained, or make that special occasion one you will remember.


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