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Auckland, New Zealand.

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Robyn Pearce is one of the World’s Leading Time Management Experts.

Her story is one of sheer determination and helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

People always ask Robyn why she teaches time management. Well, to put it simply, it’s because she used to be bad at it. Yes she can honestly say she’s walked in your shoes!

And her path has taken some interesting turns along the way. First she was a librarian, then a farmer’s wife and mother of six (including an intellectually handicapped foster son until he was 16). Following this she ended up a solo mother on government benefit.

After a few long years Robyn decided to fight her way out of the poverty trap (dabbling in tourism along the way) and became a very successful real estate agent.

Real estate taught her she needed to learn better time management skills – or sink. To start with she was kicked out of meetings because she was late. Plus she was burnt out numerous times from overwork and poor time habits.

Frustrated about her lack of time management skills, a wise friend pointed her in the direction of a decent diary and a few key time management principles.

Since then, through much study, trial and error, her once great weakness has transmuted into a major strength and an international business.

Robyn gets a huge buzz these days helping others make the same changes to their life as they learn and practice the many simple and practical productivity habits that changed her life so dramatically.

Her relaxed down-to-earth and interactive style makes her the perfect solution for an afternoon convention slot or an interactive workshop session.

Topics and Workshops

  • Getting a Grip on Time’ – a range of speech and workshop titles around time management and productivity.
  • Life Balance, from a practical ‘what we can do about it’ perspective.
  • From Gumboots to the Boardroom (From welfare beneficiary to successful author and international speaker – a journey full of learning ‘opportunities’).
  • Clear the Clutter and de-stress yourself – as well as those messy offices!
  • Goal setting Workshops using Robyn’s powerful Life Map workbook to help people discover what their goals are (the issue many struggle with in regards to goals).

Video samples

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"Robyn spoke to four of my Academy groups in the space of 11 days. I was really really impressed, not only with her presentation style and the great interactivity, empathy and rapport that she generated with the groups, but also that the four meetings were absolutely jam-packed with good ideas and great action points for my members. I feel very confident that they’ll all find ways of saving time to be more effective in their businesses. The most remarkable thing to me was that each of the four meetings of 3 & ½ hours was completely different to the others, even though following the same agenda. Lots of original thought, relevant anecdotes, and everyone really enjoyed the sessions."
Barrie Barrett, Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives, United Kingdom
"Since your time management course our managers have found that they can now focus better. Your tips on managing email, how to concentrate on the task at hand, and how to effectively plan first thing in the day have helped them prevent time being eaten away. Also, regular use of the week planner at the beginning of the week helps them manage their many daily ‘spinning plates’. The seminar on delegation has helped their relationship with staff, and improved the atmosphere in the office."
John Moore, then-HR Manager, International Cricket Council, Dubai.
"We've had great feedback since your last session with the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants. Your pragmatism is so appealing. You gave us simple things to focus on that don't require a whole new regime of behaviour. It was also great that you made it relevant to whole of life - simple, practical actions not just for work, but also our precious leisure time."
NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants.
"My secretary and I have had many discussions since that night. She's reading 'Getting a grip on time' on the bus - keeps coming in to work and quoting bits to me! What we both like, just like your speech, is how easy it is to read and take in, and so very down to earth. It leaves the reader feeling confident that the suggestions are easy to do and motivated to get into action.’Denise Bovaird, Managing Principal, "
Marsh Risk Consulting, New Zealand. Also Past President, NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants.
"Robyn, I’ve "been around" long enough to be a bit ho-hum about "organise yourself" seminars. I have been to a couple of time management seminars, and read books and listened to tapes on the topic so I "agonised" (procrastinated!) for some time before enrolling - I also thought it possible I might be gone after morning tea! As you know I didn't leave - and I enjoyed your session. More than that, it was money and time well spent. Unusual for me I gave the seminar 5 stars for everything. You are very relaxed, competent and comfortable with your subject and you certainly got a bunch of "reserved accountants" participating very well."
Wilf Marley, Marley Loft Ltd, Chartered Accountants & Business Facilitators.
"Registrants loved the interactive nature of your presentation, and your ability to respond to participants while keeping to topic and time. They also requested that I ask you to present again! I am also most impressed that not only were you the top-rating presenter, but that you achieved this during the very challenging ‘after lunch’ timeframe."
Kay Withell, The Relocation Network, Australia.
"Now several months later and my productivity has increased between 30% and 50%. I'm seeing more and better clients, almost 90% proactive. I'm starting around 8am, leaving by 6pm and spend sleep hours asleep. Now there's an innovation. Thanks! "
Robyn. It makes so much sense." Senior financial planner, IPAC, Australia.
"Your time management seminars are one of the best things we've ever done. Weeks later staff are still discussing the sessions and how their organisational skills have improved. Not only has it lifted productivity, but also boosted morale."
Centrelink, Dubbo, Australia.
"We were very impressed … everyone who participated gained considerable insight to effective time management and personal planning techniques... applicable to many different businesses and situations. I have no hesitation in recommending Robyn to any company ... In particular, her ability to help staff interact and understand each other's viewpoints we have found invaluable. "
MD, IT software company, Auckland, New Zealand.

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