Rhythm Junkies Brisbane

A high-energy fusion of tap dance, Irish dance and live music. Rhythm Junkies is an exciting high energy corporate entertainment act. Ideal for after dinner entertainment, award nights,corporate or private functions and events.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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The Rhythm Junkies Show has been wowing audiences all over Australia.

A mixture of speed and sound this “dance off’ features the most enjoyable and watchable styles of dance in an exciting showdown.

A spectacular, highly entertaining fusion of dance and music appropriate for all ages, ‘Rhythm Junkies’ is an exciting act, straight out of Brisbane, and definitely not to be missed.

The show is available in different formats from a 4 piece Tap vs Irish or a 10 piece dance and musical stage show which also features the Irish fiddle, African drums and Didjeribone (slide Didjeridoo).

They can do from five minutes to potentially an hour show, depending on your needs. Being this diverse means they can cater to most budgets.

Performance Requirements.

The following is a list of staging specifications to ensure the safety of the performers and to guarantee Rhythm Junkies perform at their best.


A strong, well constructed stage with a wooden, non-slip surface is vital for tap-dance routines. Stage must be a minimum of 6m wide X 4m deep for dance only performances. For performances including Rhythm Junkies musicians, stage must be a minimum of 8m wide x 6m deep.


A quality sound system with Ipod input and CD player (subject to room and audience size). A sound technician will be required to cue music at specific points throughout the performance. System must include at least 1 fold-back speaker placed in the front right corner of the stage.


Stage must be set up with enough microphones to ensure the taps can be heard from all areas of the stage. A minimum of 4 x Shotgun microphones are recommended.


Whole stage must be suitably lit. If budget allows follow spots and lighting operator would be nice but not essential.

Sound-Check / Tech Rehearsal:

Clear access to the stage for 45 Minutes is required prior to the arrival of the audience for rehearsal and sound-check. Sound system should be set up and checked 30 minutes prior to this rehearsal time to ensure the performers’ sound-check runs smoothly.

Dressing Room:

A private and secure dressing area with chilled bottled water, juice and soft drinks. Access to an iron, ironing board and mirror is also required.

If Rhythm  Junkies Musicians are performing  the following is also required:

Belt pack transmitter with 6mm Jack Input (Electric Irish Fiddle)

Belt pack transmitter with 6mm Jack Input x 2 & Receiver (Didjeribone & Didjeribone Effects Pedal)

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