Annabelle Drumm MC Compere

Media Presenter Annabelle Drumm is available as MC (Master of Ceremonies), Host, Presenter or Compere for your next concert, conference, After Dinner show or Corporate Event.

Sydney, Australia.

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Annabelle Drumm has worked in Arts, Media and Entertainment professionally for more than 25 years and easily builds rapport with her audience.

As an MC Annabelle engages and connects with the audience and brings together the various components of your event for a smooth, highly professional presentation.

Annabelle also brings her organizational skills which is easy for both crew and audience to follow. You will also get her wit, charm and an infectious sense of humour to boot!

In recent years Annabelle has also expanded into corporate work as a Trainer, Coach and meeting Facilitator / Moderator. Her more recent work since 2014 is as Radio Broadcaster for Fine Music 102.5 to express her passion for Classical Music, Opera, Ballet, Film music and Musical Theatre.

Flexible Compere Style

Annabelle is flexible with her presentation style and can think fast on her feet which makes her the perfect choice for formal occasions such as Awards nights and ceremonies through to spiritual weekend workshops and outdoor events.  Her  style and method can adapt to fit your Event branding to achieve your overall objectives and the audience message in the moment.

As a Story teller

What often makes an event or conference memorable is not the facts or statistics you present to your audience but how you integrate those facts in their minds through the use of stories and analogies. Annabelle will work with you  on the key points you want your audience to take away and will apply her stories around those points for extra impact.

For Music and Theatre Concerts

For many years Annabelle has worked behind the scenes as well as out front in show business so is very comfortable in a theatre setting. She has an extensive knowledge of music, dance and theatre which makes her the ideal host for your Music or Theatre concert.

She can fluidly move between educating and entertaining. Her presentations set the scene engaging the audience whilst demonstrating a respect for the culture, writers/composers and performing artists.

The face of your Event Branding

Annabelle can help you build a strong Brand Identity in the weeks or months leading up your event to boost ticket sales. Annabelle can offer you her extensive experience in presentation to camera for promotion and advertising which you can use on your website, in brochures, radio, TV, magazines, mail campaigns, mainstream and social media platforms. Annabelle will work with you on scripts for camera for media segments of 30 seconds, 45 seconds or 1 minute to get your message across effectively.

The second (bottom clip) is a more fun, casual promo of two simultaneous events promoted on social media for 48 hours which was also very popular.

Video samples

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"Annabelle Drumm has a natural and professional style, that incorporates an unflappable flexibility, both live in her presentation as an MC and on-air within a radio context. I would look no further when hiring an MC.”"
Steve-Marc McCulloch, Executive Producer ‘Live from The Joan 2017’ Fine Music 102.5 Live Concert and Radio Broadcast.
"Annabelle facilitated several high level Expert Groups of senior marketers and business owners. She creates a creative space for people to work together and her manner and techniques certainly drew some amazingly creative business solutions out of teams of people who had never met before. I would happily recommend Annabelle to you.”Phil Brown, Senior Content and Social Manager, ADMA (Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising) "
Phil Brown, Senior Content and Social Manager, ADMA (Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising)

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