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Talent On Line Mobster or Gangster Nights
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Available Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand Or Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
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There's the ideas from which you can make your own shopping list.
But if you can't decide which you want, feel free to give us a call to discuss your budget and what's available for the date you've set

The Jazz Era of 1920's and 1930's was one of many changes. Jazz music arrived of course along with shorter skirts, record players and the Charleston. What made another big change was the Prohibition Era where government strove to make keep a more sober society by making alcohol illegal. Everyone still wanted booz with their jazz and the mafia and gangster society grew rich in bootlegging... selling illegal alcohol.

All these changes made for what we remember to be a glamorous and dangerous era. Think about The Charleston, Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, The Cotton Club, Lucky Luciano, Dutch Schultz, Bugsy Seigel, Mickey Cohen, Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, The Keystone Cops, SpeakEasy Bars, the silent movies. For great reference material, take a look at modern movies such as The Great Gadsby, The Cats Miaow, The Cotton Club, Lady Wintermere's fan, Cabaret, Bugsy and one of our favourites, Chicago.

Here's some ideas...

Paparazzi Actors
to hassle guests at the door as they arrive and make them feel like a star!

Flapper girls and Mafia boot boys
to meet your guests, hand them their funny money and have photos taken with the guests

Roving Performers
Can add fun during cocktail hour or something new to look at throughout the night. How about Charlie Chaplin? A swindling magician? A pick pocket? A duo of jugglers?

Dixieland jazz or Swing jazz musicians
is a great way to set the scene before dinner

Casino tables
Start them up after dinner or canapés and cocktails to run for 3 hours of fun.

Mobile DJs
Can play classy swing Jazz over dinner and move on to modern dance music once the casino tables open.

The Swing Jazz Big Band
From 5 to 18 musicians. Live Swing Jazz music is incomparable and more fun than you'd expect to dance to. Everyone will have fun.

Chicago Dance show
A show of 6-12 dancers performing numbers from the era. Shows work well after dinner for around 15-30 minutes and can include a magician or singer.

Our flapper girls/ Mafia moles having fun with one of the guests.
Paparazzi actors and roving performers based in Sydney. www.talentonline.com.au
For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
 +61 2 8006 4507