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Talent On Line Las Vegas Casino Nights
Event Management made easy - Let us do the work for you. Give us the venue, when to show up and we'll bring all the fun!
Available for Theme Parties in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne in Australia and Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in New Zealand
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Dress up to the nines and join us for a night of glamour, classy music, martinis and fun casino games. This works well as a James Bond night too if you prefer.

For customising your own Casino Night, here's some ideas...

Paparazzi Actors
to hassle guests at the door as they arrive and make them feel like a star! Get a couple of them to use modern digital cameras and display the photos later in the night on a projector.

Las Vegas Styled showgirls
to meet your guests, hand them their funny money, for photo opportunities and to encourage them on to the next feature of the event.

Austin Powers Impersonator
is a great way to warm up the crowd before dinner or MC your evening to keep the flow constant.

Casino tables
Start them up after dinner or canapés and cocktails to run for 3 hours of fun.

Mobile DJs
Can play classy swing Jazz over dinner and move on to modern dance music once the casino tables open.

Swing Jazz bands
The ultimate start to an evening of class. Each of our swing jazz bands can start with some quiet classics for cocktail hour and over dinner, then turn it up for the dancing afterwards.

Floor shows
Pull in a classic cabaret act for around half an hour of entertainment after dinner as dessert is served. It's a great crowd warmer before the band or DJ turns on the dance music. Choose between vocal groups, Moulin Rouge showgirl revues, an Elvis show, magic and illusion shows or a circus act.

More theme party ideas here...

There's the ideas from which you can make your own shopping list.


PACKAGE ONE - 50 guests

2 showgirls
3 casino tables
Mobile DJ


PACKAGE TWO - 100 guests
2 showgirls
5 Casino tables
Swing Jazz trio to start the night

Mobile DJ


PACKAGE THREE - 200 guests (or if you just want to spoil yourself!)
Paparazzi crowd of 6 performers
4 showgirls
8 casino tables
After dinner James Bond Dance show
Swing Jazz dance band


There's plenty more variations we can make for you
for other size groups or other ideas you'd like to do.  


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For bookings contact:
Talent On Line by email or phone Samantha on  
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